Coming back from a rut

Today was a mixed bag for me: the mornings exam felt weird, then I felt pretty empty at home until I started building Fields’ marketing banners. Then again in the evening, I was hit with the same empty feeling, until I managed to put out the new YouTube video and this post.

Twice in a day

So I realised I had been hit by the same force twice in one day. It was all about not being sure what to do, and what has the most value for my future. It is a dangerous hole as overthinking your actions compound and you only continue to feel worse. But today I managed to get out of it. Twice. And key for that? Start doing. Sounds simple, is not. But actually, once you start, it is simple, it’s just overcoming the rut that really challenges you.

So whenever you feel unsure what to do, count to 1, 2, 3 and on third you decide to get on with one task and compound from there. Once you have started, rest is a lot easier. As you do stuff you automatically start to find the most valuable things and drop the non-essentials away.

The Takeaway

Overly thinking and planning slows you down way more than starting to just do and adjusting along the way.

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