Feeling great about what you currently do

Couple of past weeks have been a bit more unstructured (No daily coding) than normal, so I have constantly felt like I was doing the wrong thing and spending too much time doing them. Overall, not being happy what I was doing.

Let’s take yesterday evening as an example. I was meant to hit football trainings at five and after that finish implementing a feature to my app followed by a new youtube video and medium post. But the feature implementation ended up taking me 4 hours and I couldn’t do those posts anymore (Need sleep right) so I was starting to feel bad about not getting the things done.

How I attacked this

Usually this really pushes me down, gets me unmotivated and I start scrolling through my phone, losing focus and scrambling all the plans. This time though I decided to put my phone away and sit there till the implementation was done and suppress all the thoughts about not using my time as I intended. It worked great. I ended up working for two straight hours, getting the implementation done. So key to this? Focus. Giving 100% to the thing you are doing, pushing all the distractions away. Overall, having a really clear plan for what you should be doing.

What happens if you don’t have a plan is that after you get one job done, it’s hard to move to the next thing efficiently, leaving this “in between” sloppy time where you are most probably scrolling through your phone.

The Takeaway

Have a clear daily goal based on your big goal. Make the transition from one task to another clean and quick. When you are devoted to a task, give it your 100%.

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