How to enjoy your work more – Startup Day 2

I had a weird feeling for the first half of today. I wasn’t sure what I was supposed to doing. For the past six months it has been 24/7 work of building my app ready. But now my app is ready. For android at least. What should I do?

The Problem

I actually knew what I should be doing. Spreading the word about my app. But since the iOS version is not launched yet I couldn’t go 100% in on that. So I had decided and planned to use this time as learning new things and spreading to new social platforms. But this is a real challenge and can feel very hard to do, start from 0 engagement. So I was feeling lost, not knowing where to start.

How I attacked it

In the moment as I realised I was getting overwhelmed by all this stuff, I took the dead-simple approach. Get one thing done at the time and don’t overthink it. So I created my Facebook posts and with the confidence of that being done I moved to Instagram and Twitter. And soon I had it all in my hands.

All this “big unclear mess” ended up just being my mindset about the problem. And by changing that and getting started, I solved through the problems in a breeze!

The Short Takeaway

  • Don’t overthink your tasks and goals, just do them one at a time and it all will be clear
  • Enjoy the feeling of progressing and getting stuff done, don’t just wait for the end goal
  • Have goals set that you feel empowered about

Little shorter and more compact story for startup day 2. I’ll get back to you tomorrow using the new version of Fields that launched today! -OT, Fields

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