Fields Basics: Start training

In the core of Fields is the ability to start training on a Field and see how many people are training on that field. That’s why we have made it simple to do so!

From your feed, tap on the search button or the field button on the bottom. They both open the search functionality!


This is the search page. In addition to field search, you can search teams and users. Note that you can search fields by city. This way you don’t have to search the field by the exact field. Powerful stuff!

You can also add new field from the bottom tab if you aren’t finding your field. You can easily earn reputation and help the community!


Clicking one of the search results opens the field details. This is where the good information is found! You can see that currently at this field there is only one person. Below that you can find the upcoming events on this field. You can add events to field through your team. Just add new event, set the event field as the wanted field and your event will show on the field page, as seen below.

Then there is the training button. We are currently training on this field so it’s grey. By tapping the button you can start the training and open your training details, where you can end the training as well.


This is how the training screen looks. Very simple and easy. By ending the training you earn your reputation and gain one training to your profile. Remember that trainings under 15 minutes are not counted. When the training is longer than that, you earn one reputation every minute! Trainings over six hours are not counted.

So that’s how you start training on a field. Real simple, real powerful and above all making your football life easier!

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