How To Create App In One Year – road to Fields

About three years back, we had a presentation at school. We had to create our own business idea. Being quite interested in the task I came up with an idea that would solve the problem I was experiencing while playing football.

I like to play football by mysfields_logo_greenelf and also with friends. You plan your time, bike five kilometers to the field and it’s full. Happened to me countless times.

So what could fix this? An app that shows you how many players and teams are currently training on the field you want to go to — so you can find the best field and time to train. I made the presentation, I was happy about it, my teacher was happy about it. For the next two years it was left as only a good memory in the mind.

But as time went by I realized I had a golden idea in my hands: something that had never been done before! In this digitalized era! What else could I ask for. So I started learning. A lot. And lost a lot. But as half a year went by, I had learnt coding and had all the tools to create my app. All the way to only couple of months ago I started creating the app with full throttle. And after I did that, the grind felt so good. And now to this moment, I have released my first app. Gotta thank my high school teacher for the homework.

So what’s up with my Fields app? It’s all about helping football/soccer players to find the best fields and time to train. I also added many team-related features as I saw that communications inside and between teams were lacking. So gather your squad, manage your team, start training and compete with your friends! Time to get going!


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